About Gwendylicious

Becoming a first-time mommy in 2007 with daughter Gwendolyn provided much of my inspiration. I had already made my fair share of beaded jewelry and my sister and I were lucky to have been able to experience having a booth in a local craft fair. People were always telling me I should "sell my stuff," and I did here and there.

My grandmother passed along her love of knitting, and one day I decided to pick up some of her old needes and just start. I've always learned best by doing. Pretty soon I was knitting and purling away.

Somewhere along the line I acquired my mom's old Singer sewing machine, which she used to make matching outfits for the family when we were growing up. I kept telling myself, "I WILL learn to sew, I WILL learn to sew," all the while envying those who whipped up the cutest creations or even just had the ability to mend their clothes. Sewing seemed SO much faster than knitting!

Recently, I sat down at that machine and just started sewing... and I haven't looked back! I'm hooked. It's so fulfilling creating something with my own two hands, putting different fabrics and pieces together. I like to use new materials but also have a passion for repurposing and upcycling, both to breathe new life into a piece or retain a special piece of the past.

This is a sample of some of the things I make. I love playing around with fabric and patterns, different materials and ideas. When I have time I like to blog about recent projects, decorating, family, and so forth. Check it out at KarlaMCurry | Wordpress.